• Dismissed Felony Possession of Controlled Substance

    Felony possession of controlled substance dismissed in North Georgia.

  • Dismissed .19 DUI

    Won a motion to suppress on a .19 DUI and got the case dismissed.

  • Dismissed .17 DUI

    Suppression hearing won and DUI was dismissed. .17 DUI and drugs based on bad stop by DUI task force officer.

  • Dismissed Drug DUI

    DUI dismissed by agreement.

  • Reduced Charges CDL Driver DUI

    Two CDL drivers’ DUIs reduced, both cases had BAC results over the legal limit.

  • Disposed of Charges DUI Charge

    I hired Meredith Mochel to help with a DUI charge. Throughout the months-long process, Meredith was always there for me. When the case finally came before the court, Ms. Mochel disposed of the charges. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a DUI or DWI attorney.

  • No Jail Time Criminal Charges

    Meredith and her team worked my case tirelessly and my serious charges were resolved with no jail time and no felonies.

  • Reduced Charge Felony Marijuana Charge

    Felony marijuana case with a high volume of marijuana pled to misdemeanor with unsupervised probation in Polk Co, TN.

  • Reduced Charge Resale of Fentanyl

    Fentanyl for resale reduced to misdemeanor possession in Marion Co, TN

  • Reduced Charge DUI & Child Endangerment

    DUI plus child endangerment reduced to reckless driving in North Georgia

  • Reduced Charge Felony Marijuana Charge

    Felony marijuana charge reduced to misdemeanor in North Georgia