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In Tennessee and Georgia, prescription and narcotic drug abuse are a primary concern for law enforcement and public health personnel.  However, in the fight against drug abuse, many people are unfairly sentenced or overcharged, leading to permanent restrictions on their rights and freedoms. 

At the Law Offices of Meredith Mochel, we believe that those accused of drug possession deserve a strong defense. Criminal accusations carry tremendous weight for years after an arrest regardless of innocence. Potential employers, financial institutions, educational officers, and even your neighbors can access arrest records for years after the fact, which could permanently destroy your future opportunities. That is why our firm works tirelessly to provide experienced legal counsel to those in need of an advocate. 

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Drug Laws in Tennessee and Georgia

Unlike many states, Tennessee and Georgia have not legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, which means that possession of cannabis products is prosecuted the same as possession of cocaine or heroin. While first time drug possession charges are a misdemeanor, carrying marijuana can still land you behind bars for nearly a year. 

Prohibited drug practices include: 

  • Manufacturing a controlled substance
  • Delivering a controlled substance as a distributor or on behalf of a distributor
  • Selling a controlled substance
  • Possessing a controlled substance with intent sell, deliver, or further manufacture the substance

Penalties for possession may result in jail, fines, community service, or a suspended license. Possession of half an ounce or more of a controlled substance as a second offense is usually charged as a felony.

Other Penalties for Drug Possession 

Arrests, charges, and criminal convictions become a part of your permanent criminal record. Employers are encouraged to perform background checks on all new applicants, and these checks will reveal any criminal history you may have. Additionally, many colleges and universities do not accept potential students with a history of drug possession/abuse. 

If you are accused of possessing a controlled substance, speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Your future is on the line, which is why you need an advocate to fight on your behalf.

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The Law Offices of Meredith Mochel offers high-quality legal counsel to those accused of drug possession in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas. Our attorney has nearly two decades of experience defending clients like you in and out of the courtroom. When you need a strong defense and a fearless advocate, entrust your case to the Law Offices of Meredith Mochel.

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