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Building A Strong Criminal Defense

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, when you are the one who is charged with a crime, it may not feel that way. Even an allegation of criminal activity can have a negative impact on your personal and professional lives. There is no doubt that this can be a frightening and confusing time. That is why it is important to seek help from a criminal defense lawyer who does not shy away from attacking the prosecution’s case.

At the office of Meredith Mochel Attorney at Law, we believe the best defense combines knowledge and experience with an appreciation of the fact that a person’s future is at stake. Your case deserves an aggressive defense from an attorney who does not shy away from difficult prosecutors or uncomfortable allegations. You deserve representation from an attorney who takes the time to know you, your story and potential consequences of your case. We are in your corner, working tirelessly and leaving no stone unturned in our effort to build you the strongest possible defense.

We Handle All Criminal Charges

We represent people who have been charged with all types of crimes, felonies or misdemeanors, including:

Driving under the influence: Drunk driving or DUI charges can happen to anyone. For many people, a DUI charge is often their first contact with the criminal justice system. A conviction carries the potential of heavy fines and jail time, along with the loss of your driver’s license. We can challenge the results of blood and breath tests, and determine whether the police even had probable cause to make a traffic stop in the first place.

Drug offenses: Low-level drug offenses, possession of marijuana in particular, is often treated as being “no big deal.” The fact is, marijuana is still illegal in Tennessee and Georgia, and it doesn’t take a large amount in possession for you to be charged with a felony. Regardless of the nature of the charge, a conviction will still result in a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. We will work hard to help shield you from the harshest consequences of these charges.

Theft charges: A conviction for a theft crime can have far-reaching consequences. Even a shoplifting conviction can impact future employment opportunities. If the alleged theft involved goods of significant value, you face the very real possibility of prison time. We will help fight against all types of theft charges.

Assault charges: A charge of assault can involve a wide range of behaviors, from domestic abuse and bar fights to serious felonies involving the use of deadly weapons. We have successfully defended numerous clients who have been charged with all types of assault crimes.

Protect Your Rights And Your Future. Contact Us For A Free Consultation.

All criminal charges are serious. You need an equally serious defense. Call us at 423-393-9836 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. From our law office in Chattanooga, we represent people throughout East Tennessee and North Georgia.