Tennessee Makes Updates to Child Support Laws


An Update To Child Support Laws in Tennessee 

A better life for children is the goal of child support ordered during a divorce. Tennessee residents may learn more about recent updates to the law regarding child support. These important changes reflect the situation of divorced parents at present, as the previous law needed changes to help both the parents and children of divorced families.

Those who have been in criminal cases will also want to know of the changes as they might affect their child support. According to the Tennessee Department of Human Services, these are the first major changes since 2005.

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What Child Support Rights Do Incarcerated Parents Have in Tennessee?

If you receive a sentence or are currently serving more than 180 days of incarceration, you have the right to request a modification of your child support order in Tennessee if you are not the custodial parent. Your criminal record may determine your income if there is no other evidence to use in child support calculations.

Vision, Health, and Dental Care Inclusion

Credit is now allowable for care, which includes payment for vision, health, and dental by stepparents, in child support calculations. There will now be a minimum of $100 in child support if you don’t have custody, but certain circumstances are given consideration. An attorney versed in family law may be helpful.

A Child Support Calculator App is Now Available 

If you have an iPhone, you can see an estimate of your new child support payments by downloading an app; the app is available in the Apple store. Search “Child Support Calculator of TN.”

Suppose you are facing divorce and need help with child support or other family law issues. In that case, it is smart to contact a Tennessee child support attorney who may offer you personal attention to help resolve your situation and answer your questions. The right amount of child support is important to your children and your peace of mind.

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