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Meredith Mochel, proven results in North Georgia

North Georgia includes numerous jurisdictions and courts, all with different attitudes and procedures. Superior Court calendars come up infrequently and defendants find themselves on the spot to accept a deal they didn’t even know was on the table or risk enormous penalties at trial. Even individuals with no or little record can find themselves facing time in prison or detention centers. These facts combined with a legal culture of lawyers accustomed to telling their clients to take harsh sentences or face much worse can leave an individual feeling hopeless for their outcome.

Meredith Mochel has been aggressively defending felonies and misdemeanors in Georgia for the last 10 years. She doesn’t accept the status-quo, she doesn’t back down because harsh penalties are the norm. Meredith believes that every client is entitled to the fullest defense, even in the most prosecutor friendly courts. She has built her reputation in North Georgia by refusing to give in when cases or facts get challenging.

Recent results in Catoosa County, Whitfield County, and Gordon County include —

Catoosa County – methamphetamine, contraband, and DUI settled for dismissal of drug felonies and misdemeanor plea with no jail time.

Whitfield County – burglary and felony theft – Meredith took over when a previous attorney pressured client to accept offer of multiple years in prison. Settled for misdemeanor with no jail time.

Gordon County – DUI with BAC well over the legal limit settled for reduced charge through advocacy and alternative penalties – client kept important job, did not lose license, and served no jail.