Homicide And Other Violent Crimes
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Building An Effective Defense Against Violent Offenses

A person accused of a violent crime can feel as if they have been convicted long before even stepping foot into court. From bar fights to high-profile homicides, the law firm of Meredith Mochel Attorney at Law has helped numerous clients in Tennessee successfully defend themselves against violent criminal charges. With attention to detail and unflagging pursuit of the interests of our clients, we are often able to cast reasonable doubt on what may appear to be an “open and shut” case.

Protecting Your Rights While Working To Minimize Consequences

Most violent criminal charges carry the very real possibility of a lengthy jail or prison sentence. When your freedom is at stake, our lawyer is here to help you build a defense that is designed to protect your rights while working to help shield you from the most severe potential consequences. If necessary, we will work closely with experts who can help uncover errors made by law enforcement or otherwise provide doubt about what the prosecution claims actually happened.

Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. Defenses are available. We can help you assert your interests and ensure that your side of the story is heard.

Contact Us If You Have Been Arrested For A Crime Of Violence

Whether you have been charged with assault or are facing serious charges for the use of a weapon, we are here to provide you with the legal counsel you need. To schedule an initial consultation, call our law offices in Chattanooga at 423-393-9836. You may also contact us online.