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A History Of Success

At Meredith Mochel Attorney at Law, we strive to reach the best possible outcome for every client. Attorney Meredith Mochel has a lengthy record of success through negotiated settlements and trial verdicts. Here are some examples of the results we have produced for our clients.


Chattanooga, Tennessee — Agreement reached on .15 BAC DUI, Defendant holding a CDL, to reduce with a substantial period of alcohol monitoring

Trenton, Georgia — Burglary carrying possible prison sentence up to 20 years settled for probation midway through the trial.

Chattanooga, Tennessee — .16 BAC DUI reduced to reckless driving.

Chattanooga, Tennessee — .15 BAC DUI reduced to reckless driving

Walker County, Georgia — Second offense DUI reduced to a minor traffic offense with no jail time.

Jasper, Tennessee — Two first-offense DUIs settled for reckless driving.

Tennessee — DUI reduced, thereby saving the client from serious immigration consequences of a DUI conviction.

Chattanooga, Tennessee — Theft case dismissed with proof of counseling.


Tennessee — .18 BAC DUI reduced due to search warrant discrepancy, no video and an offer to submit to alcohol monitoring.

Hamilton County — .10 BAC DUI reduced to reckless driving with no jail time due to a good field sobriety test and a possible problem with the reason for the stop.

Chattanooga, Tennessee — A person with a second DUI pled to first offense with minimum penalties, saving the client 43 days in jail and substantially reducing fines.

Tennessee — .13 BAC Dui reduced to reckless driving due to a problem with the portable breath machine at the time the test was given.

McMinn County, Tennessee — DUI with wreck was dismissed.


Tennessee — Got a speeding ticket dismissed for a CDL holder with a prior history of traffic citations.

Tennessee — A selling alcohol to minor charge was dismissed. The client did not have to be booked and the case was dismissed without costs.

Georgia — A client charged with DUI had the charge reduced to a non-driving offense following lengthy negotiations.

Hamilton County — DUI with drugs dismissed by negotiation in General Sessions Court.