10 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Drunk Driving Attorney to Protect Your Freedom

| Jul 13, 2019 | Blog Posts |

drunk driving attorney

Are you in trouble with the law for drunk driving? Getting a drunk driving attorney may be a wise opinion. Without the right legal representation, you expose yourself to the harshest penalties.

You probably do not want to spend lawyer fees for something that sounds like a minor misdemeanor. This article should make you think again.

In this guide, discover the top 10 reasons to hire a drunk driving attorney to protect your freedom.

1. To Protect Your Constitutional Liberties

When you get a DUI lawyer, you get someone to fight for you. A good lawyer can help you protect from undue procedures and infringements on your rights. For instance, a lawyer will look at whether you were harassed or targeted unfairly by the police during your arrest.

2. DUI Laws Can Get Complex

A top reason to find an attorney for DUI is to help you deal with the complexities. Good DUI lawyers know all the legalities of drunk driving charges and how to best navigate them for a good outcome.  A lawyer helps, especially when you are arrested in a state that has different DUI laws.

3. Courtroom Experience

You may adequately inform yourself about all the necessary details you need to represent yourself. However, you lack the right courtroom experience to give you that extra edge. Experience is one of the most important reasons why you should get an attorney for a DUI.

4. Help in Filing Forms

Dealing with a DUI will often have you filing mountains of paperwork. A DUI lawyer will assist you in filing the forms by ensuring that you fill and submit them correctly.

5. Dealing with Evidence

DUI cases hinge on the science of how alcohol enters the bloodstream. A good DUI lawyer knows the science and can challenge the accuracy of a Breathalyzer result.

6. Presenting Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses can help you avoid jail time. However, you likely do not know where to find them. DUI attorneys know where to get expert witnesses to present testimony in your favor. DUI attorneys have likely worked with witnesses before and have them readily available.

7. DUI Lawyers Put Your Mind at Ease

If you’re wondering how to find a good DUI attorney, they will demonstrate good communication. Being able to communicate with an experienced legal mind puts you at ease. You will be able to prepare for court and get the best possible outcome.

8. Ability to Refute Evidence

If you present yourself, you likely will not know how or even when to refute a certain piece of evidence. DUI lawyers know what constitutes inadmissible evidence. It takes legal experience to identify loopholes that can be used to your advantage.

9. Attorneys will Help Keep Your Record Clean

You risk losing your license due to multiple DUIs. An attorney can arrange for deals where you do community service instead of losing your license. Attorneys also know of other legal ways to keep your records clean and prevent you from future repercussions.

10. DUI Lawyers Know How to Handle Judges

Experienced DUI lawyers have appeared before judges multiple times. They are likely to know the temperament of various judges. They can develop a defense based on this information, which is likely to result in a lenient punishment.

A Drunk Driving Attorney Is Worth the Money

Do not leave things to chance. You only need a drunk driving attorney to appear for you once. They will not cost you much, but they could save you a lot of pain. Check out our site for the best legal representation.