Taylor Keef Joins the Team!

| Jan 14, 2019 | Blog Posts |


Taylor Keef dedicates herself to our firm as a paralegal while completing her college education with plans for law school and a future as a criminal defense attorney.  Most days, Ms. Keef can be found running the show, either completing office work at record speed or lending her near photographic memory to the defense of clients in or out of Court.  With no formal legal training, Ms. Keef joined the firm in May 2018 and is a huge asset to our growing two-state practice.

Passion for a business that is not one’s own is rare, but Taylor gives her heart and soul to clients every day to great benefit.  In lighthearted moments, one might find us welcoming the title “Dream Team”.  Although nearly irreplaceable as a paralegal, the firm welcomes the day when Taylor can serve clients as an attorney.

Please join us in welcoming Taylor to our team.