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The Hamilton County Herald, this June, recognized the achievements of Meredith Ziebold and her commitment to providing workspace for self employed female attorneys.  We are excited at this opportunity to share with the community how we created an awesome community of independent and experienced women attorneys in Chattanooga.  No matter what criminal or civil matter that you are involved in, we have a specialist to help you through your difficult situation.

The following is an excerpt from the Hamilton County Herald article:

As word circulated in late 2015 that criminal defense attorney Meredith Ziebold was starting her own practice, most people expressed enthusiasm for the endeavor. Ziebold was known to be a smart, dedicated, effective advocate for her clients, and after more than a decade of working for other people felt it was time for her to spread her wings.

Others were less gracious. Although no one articulated doubt directly to her, there were whispers circulating within the Chattanooga legal community that she wouldn’t do well without a male partner. She had reached maturity as a criminal defense lawyer under the tutelage of attorney Johnny Houston, her employer for the preceding five years.

Mild as it was, the scuttlebutt was still a throwback to the not-so-good old days when women were not taken seriously as professionals. But Ziebold smiled, dug in her heels and gave Chattanooga a building full of self-employed female attorneys who are poised to prove they can be successful on their own.

“I was excited to prove that wrong,” Ziebold says.

This new force in the Chattanooga legal community is located on the second floor of the Ziebold Building on Market Street. The freshly refurbished structure houses four independent law firms, each of which has its own space and is staffed entirely by women (or, in two cases, a woman).

In addition to The Law Office of Meredith Ziebold, the building is home to Stern & Williams, a firm made up of retired Judge Rebecca Stern and Kristen Williams, a former prosecutor with the district attorney’s office in Hamilton County. Down the hall from Stern & Williams are Stevie Phillips Law and The Law Office of Tracy Cox.

Even a quick glance at these names would reveal the women have little, if anything, to prove. Each of them is already an accomplished legal professional with the experience needed to build a successful practice, Ziebold says.

You can read more at the Hamilton County Herald.

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